The 5 Cheapest New Cars in the United States

Nowadays people in United States are rushing to buy cars because all are aware of safety. The average price of new cars starts from $35,000 mark. The people in United States are well settled, but people are still searching for low price cars only. For all those people we are going to list cheap cars in United States. There are so many cars in the market, but car features play an important role in the last. The cars that we are going to brief they have safety features, technical refinements and all comforts that people must need and the consumers they can buy those cars for low cost. It’s hard to get cheap cars with a budget of five-digit price.

If you spend around $20,000 you can get a beautiful car that you think of in mind. So, in this article we are made a list of cheap cars, look out the car prices and their features. Before buying the car keep aware of the warranty and how many years, they are giving insurance of the car. Now all companies are offering 5 term and 2-year insurance.

Here are the five cheap cars in United States

  • Mitsubishi Mirage

The car has come up with new a feature that includes wireless technology and you can sit freely in the car. The G4 ES is a 5-speed transmission. The mechanical features like power steering, rear torsion of beam. Technology features like 7.0 touch display panel system, four speakers, Air conditioning, and Power windows and so on. In addition to this, the car has 7 Airbag facilities. When it comes for the price the car ranges from $15,690 to $16,070.

  • Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent is a cheap car that all people in United States can afford for. This car gives a solid economy when you maintain in best way. These cars are very well equipped, when it comes to seat, sunroof and inside the car. This limited edition of the car has a price range starts from $18,080 to $18,200.

  • Nissan Versa

This car is very well suited for United States road and it is the America’s cheapest car that you can buy under the price of $20,000. It has four + one capacity and it has cargo space. It seems that people rush to buy this car. Nissan versa keeps updating with new features.

  • Kia Rio

This car has an excellent review all over the world and not that much expensive compare to all. This car will be a dream car. The price of the car is $16,315. You can get this car with a hatchback and a sedan. This car is designed for nature lovers.

  • Ford Fiesta  

This is the cheapest car among the list and that to include interior features and it comes with hatchback.  The price of the car has fallen in last year i.e. $13,500. This is a very impressive car and you can buy in the year 2019.

Hope the article has covered all the points on cheap cars in United States. Thanks for reading our article.

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